We welcome The Great Safe Haven Staking and Buyback Program, a year-long program that is tailored to increase Safe Haven awareness, while continuing our never-ending community support.

A momentous occasion, Safe Haven is turning 3! For a project to reach the ripe age of 3 within the blockchain space, a tremendous amount of dedication is necessary; yes, from the team, but we are really talking about the dedication from a project’s community and user-base. In light of our success, we continue to employ outreach methods that have proven successful in bringing new eyes to Safe Haven and our solutions, as well as support the existing community in their digital success stories.

We hereby welcome The Great Safe Haven Staking, a year-long program that is tailored to increase Safe Haven awareness, while continuing our never-ending community support.

We bet there are questions, so here are a few that will help us better dive in…

What does a Safe Haven staking program look like?

Our program will be a soft, fixed-stake based program that will always allow SHA token-holders the decision to remove their tokens and move them, as they see fit.

How does it affect the current node-holder community?

We see our node-holder community as two different subcategories; those who are Safe Haven Boost eligible and those who are not. When introducing new outreach programs, it is extremely important that we protect the sanctity of prior programs; therefore, The Great Safe Haven Staking, does not affect nor is affected by Boost.

Holding a Safe Haven node, regardless of Boost eligibility allows the holder to stake a greater amount of SHA-tokens within the staking program.

However, to protect the integrity of both Boost and the node program the base token amount of each node-tier, will not be considered for staking rewards. Simply put, all staked SHA-tokens must be above a node’s threshold and node-holders can lose their maturity and/or Boost if a node is downgraded or dissolved.

A quick example:

A current Connect Node-holder holds 1,200,000 SHA-tokens within their registered node-wallet.

Connect threshold: 1,000,000 SHA

Amount holder can stake: 200,000 SHA

Staking percent: 2.5%
Staking reward (per month): 416 SHA

Total 90-day reward: 1,248 SHA

The original 1,000,000 SHA is not included in the staking computation, however it will allow the node-holder to stake a maximum of 600,000 SHA. If a node-holder has maxed out their stakeable limit (in this scenario, 600,000 SHA), their rewards will cap at 1,250 SHA per month.

Should this node-holder upgrade their Safe Haven node to a Harbor Node, they will again begin their staking rewards beyond the 600,000 SHA maximum associated with a Connect Node up to 700,000 SHA, with an increased annual percentage rate of 3.5%.

How does one become involved, as a new Safe Haven user?

This program also allows for non-node-holders to participate and earn SHA! As indicated in the graphic above, wallets that are not node eligible, can stake a maximum of 500,000 SHA at 1.5%, until the maximum is reached. This allows for even the most newly interested members of the community to experience a staking solution, while being introduced to Safe Haven’s decentralized financial solutions and inheritance platform: Inheriti. It is important to note that the staking program will be facilitated from the SafeNode application, thus creating a segway for new users to begin their research on our SafeNode program, as well.

Where are the staking rewards coming from?

All staking rewards will be obtained by the Safe Haven team, utilizing a market buy-back. The following VeChainThor wallet address will be used to store the SHA [tokens] and will be available for the public to review:


Safe Haven has already begun to and will continue buying-back a total of 45-million SHA directly from the market to fund the staking rewards distributed for this campaign. This amount would cover all staking rewards at an absolute maximum (if every pool was filled, at every level). In the event that the pools are not entirely filled, the additional market-bought SHA will be burned, creating a decrease in the total supply.

As always, we are excited to continue the support of our community, and are hopeful that this campaign will generate greater awareness around Safe Haven and our product offerings. For more information, feel free to join our Official Telegram Channel. More on the specifics of this event will be extremely, forthcoming.



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